love is not enough

Love is not enough.

It’s not what anyone wants to hear. Not ever, but especially not now. All we want to hear is that love will win, no matter what. Love is greater than violence, hatred, fear, bigotry.

But love is not enough.

Or maybe it is.

But not holding candles and waving unity signs and placing memorial flowers and giving passionate speeches about overcoming.

Love is not simply denouncing acts of violence “in the strongest possible terms.”

Love is not more empty thoughts and prayers.

Love is not refusing to face an enemy that will do anything to destroy us.

Love is a fight.

After violent acts that we witness it seems like over and over, that is the last thing we want to hear. We do not want to face a fight with a fight. Trade blood for more blood.

We do not want to face the reality that love for all its beauty cannot overcome senseless brutality, wasted beautiful lives, hatred made manifest in ways we cannot seem to understand.

Love is more than that. Love requires more than that.

Love is a fight.

Love is being willing to defend who and what you love. And not just in comments online or at candlelight vigils. Love is being willing to face the evil that brought down who and what you love.

Sometimes, love is war. It is not pretty, it is not unified, it is not what people want to hear. It’s more than thoughts and prayers. It is action. It is a fight, as counter-intuitive as it may seem. That’s what makes love so difficult.

But in times like these, when our very own people are slaughtered on our very own soil, it is exactly what we need.



About maebe11

My biggest goal is to find a life that leaves me breathless. If I must be broken, I want it to because I gave too much instead of not enough. My greatest fear is a cage that I make for myself. I want to find a way to be both a goodhearted woman & a warrior. It's all a journey. And this is the proof.
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