no right answers

I am agonizing over what it is I want to do. Over yet another career decision that will set me on a path completely different than the one I’m on now. Another long bloc of training in a new place, far away from people I’ve grown accustomed to seeing regularly. Another set of classes and new things to learn. Giving up on the things I’ve spent the last three years working towards.

I guess this place of decision-making and fearful consideration of strange new things is comfortable because it’s all too familiar. But now I have someone else to consider in making my decisions.

My life isn’t just about me anymore.

And so when I tell him about this opportunity, he is easily supportive. Tells me to do whatever I want, he’ll stand by me.

When I agonize over the details, questioning whether or not it’s worth giving up where I am now, he says, “Sometimes, there are no right answers.”

At first, I’m frustrated by this. Because I want a right answer. Written out in the stars addressed specifically to me, if possible.

But then the words become freeing.

Because they give me the freedom to make a decision and not stress about what happens after that. Whether or not it was the right decision.

Whatever I do from here on out is simply a decision. A different path. Not a wrong one, not a bad one. Just a path.

And because he is willing to walk it with me, the journey will be beautiful.


About maebe11

My biggest goal is to find a life that leaves me breathless. If I must be broken, I want it to because I gave too much instead of not enough. My greatest fear is a cage that I make for myself. I want to find a way to be both a goodhearted woman & a warrior. It's all a journey. And this is the proof.
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