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love is not enough

Love is not enough. It’s not what anyone wants to hear. Not ever, but especially not now. All we want to hear is that love will win, no matter what. Love is greater than violence, hatred, fear, bigotry. But love … Continue reading

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at the end of the night

A flurry of phone calls, a dozen emails back and forth, a few trips up the road, and one surprisingly smooth meeting and I am on the road again. The memory of what feels like a thousand conversations presses against … Continue reading

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she didn’t listen

I told her she was crazy. I told her they were both crazy and I told her exactly all the reasons why. There are always a million reasons not to fall in love. Especially right now. I told her this, … Continue reading

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the truest freedom

“Live with no excuses Love with no regrets” I’m surprised by this feeling. I thought it would hurt more. It certainly has in the past. I should know. I’ve had plenty of experience with it. But it doesn’t. At least, not … Continue reading

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them boys

Key turns in ignition and as car starts up, head falls against wheel and eyes close. I know it’s time to leave but I can’t. Overwhelmed by memories and realizations about them boys. Why is it always them boys? Forever … Continue reading

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